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9-10 January 2023

Learning Journey

Chiangmai, Northern Thailand


As changemakers and active citizens we need to be mindful that decisions made in distant places can have tremendous effects on local communities we are living in or working with. 

Social Analysis – especially taking stock of power dynamics and social justice issues – helps to understand the forces operating at global, regional, and national levels creating pressures in the lives of communities, groups and individuals. It is vital for new and experienced leaders to face these contemporary social justice trials that fall within an area of oppression and exploitation including issues between genders, classes, races, religions, countries, regions and more. 


During the workshop we will explore these concepts and their implication both at the individual and structural levels and look at how they manifest in society. This will create awareness needed to facilitate clear priority-setting – both in terms of what needs to be done and what can be done at the local level –, and ability to discern the actual causes of the issues communities might be facing. The course will also provide an opportunity to consider how to bring these concepts into our life experiences.


To learn to use power analysis tools to understand how different political, social and cultural structures affect the lives of individuals, communities, and society in general


Participants will:

  1. use power analysis to understand, through life experiences, how different structures affect our lives, people around us and our society 

  2. understand the concept of ‘power over’, and learn to identify when it is being used in culture, social roles /expectations, images and belief systems that have shaped our lives through different institutions

  3. explore a new way and practices that will share and expand our power, opportunities, choices and our capacity

Recommended Reading

  • Duerr, M. (October 2013). Can Religion Be a Force for Transformation?. Open Democracy.

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