26-28 December 2022


Wongsanit Ashram, Central Thailand


Nuttarote Wangwinyoo

Chanchai Chaisukkosol, PhD

Conflict Transformation is based on Process Work, a psychotherapeutic paradigm and practical methodology for uncovering deeper meaning in a broad range of human experience by following experiences in the moment through tracking signals, synchronicity, and somatic experience. Founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, Process Work has roots in Jungian and Gestalt psychologies, Shamanism, Taoism, sociology, and physics; and application in all aspects of human experience including large group work on issues of conflict and oppression.  

This workshop offers the opportunity to raise your awareness and facilitation skills for working with conflicts in interpersonal and large group dynamics with the assumption that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself.


Nuttarote Wangwinyoo is an M.A. graduate in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, Nuttarote has become a highly skilled trainer and facilitator with 15+ years of experience with team learning, dialogue facilitation, personal awareness, leadership development, collaborative communication skills based on Non-violent Communication, Life Coaching, Vision Quest, as well as conflict transformation grounded in Process Work.


Chanchai Chaisukkosol is a PhD graduate in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University. As a former lecturer in Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, who turned to be a facilitator and life coach, he has experiences working with various kinds of conflict, ranging from religious conflict in Myanmar and deep-south provinces in Thailand; organizational conflict in government, business, and social sectors; to interpersonal and close relationship conflict; and internal conflict. 


To raise awareness and facilitation skills for working with conflicts in interpersonal and large group dynamics.


 Participants will:

  1. be able to explain the Process Work paradigm and methodology

  2. understand the deeper meaning in human experience including large group work on issues of conflict and oppression

  3. be able to make use of awareness and facilitation skills for working with conflicts

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