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11-13 September 2022


Wongsanit Ashram, Central Thailand


Kanya Likanasudh

Inner Healing workshop is based on Internal Family Systems (IFS), a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy that provides a step-by-step approach to creating inner wholeness. IFS recognizes that our psyches are made up of different parts, sometimes called subpersonalities. IFS also recognizes that we each have a spiritual center, the Self, which is compassionate, understanding, and grounded. Through IFS we can learn to stay in Self, develop a relationship with each of our parts, and heal them. This is quite empowering because the healing comes from us, not somebody else.

This workshop will allow the possibility of opening up new horizons and pathways toward healing and transformation. It will be experiential with time to practice as well as shining light on background theories to deepen participants’ understanding.  The focal point of all is the Original Mind or the seat of consciousness that will bring forth light of understanding and compassion. Integrating neuroscience, psychology of selves and cultivating of mindfulness into our biographies will bring about inner transformation into our daily lives.


Kanya Likanasudh works as a consultant, trainer and coach in communication, conflict resolution, and personal growth. She provides communication skills training and supports teams with conflict resolution.
Kanya has worked in prisons, schools, and hospitals, changing the culture so that people collaborate on the organization’s toughest challenges.


To experience and practice a powerful healing and transformation process


Participants will:

  1. be able to explore their own challenges and traumas in a deep way and transform them through a compassionate and powerful process

  2. be able to love and have compassion for themselves in specific doable steps

  3. bring about inner transformation into their daily lives

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