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28 February - 7 March 2023


Koh Yaonoi, Southern Thailand

Vision Quest is an ancient Native American ceremony-based practice to help a person make a meaningful and significant life transition, facilitated by community and nature. People seek rites of passage in times of significant life transition or to complete earlier uncompleted life transitions. In many traditions the transition from adolescence to adulthood is an important time for initiation; adolescents need the chance to confirm their fitness and willingness to step towards adulthood; mid-life, marriage, divorce, loss, or simply a time of confusion and disillusionment are also common calls to a wilderness rite of passage. These practices facilitate ego-transcendence and an opening to spirit. In doing so, they also bring healing and renewed connections with lost or abandoned capacities for guidance, vitality, and joy. Their goals include bringing back one’s personal power, stability, energy, wisdom, or maturity that is expressed in service to others and to the Earth.

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Nuttarote Wangwinyoo completed an M.A graduate in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, and has become a highly skilled trainer and facilitator with 15+ years of experience with team learning, dialogue facilitation, personal awareness, leadership development, collaborative communications skills, Life Coaching, as well as conflict transformation grounded in Process Work.
He has led Vision Quests in the forests of Thailand for over 10 years, and continues to be a pioneering practitioner in this fine art of facilitating life transformation.


To make a meaningful and significant life transition in nature


Participants will:

  1. be able to seek rites of passage in times of significant life transition or to complete earlier uncompleted life transitions

  2. connect with nature and bring back their personal power, stability, energy, wisdom or maturity

Recommended Reading

  • Foster, S. & Little, M. (1984). The Trail to the Sacred Mountain: A Vision Quest Handbook for Adults, Big Pine, CA: Lost Borders Press.

  • Foster, S. (1992). Book of Vision Quest: Personal Transformation in the wilderness, New York: Fireside Book.

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