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Let's Heal our Fragile World Together

With multiple crises that our earth is facing, we need new perspectives, deep compassion and sharp awakened awareness of the inner and outer structures driving the present global situation. Awakening Leadership Training (ALT) based in SE Asia provides space for dialogue, reflection and contemplation on the deep questions facing humanity and our planet. We aim to support scholarship for young SE Asian changemakers, to work effectively towards non violent social and environmental change.


We are facing a global climate and environmental crisis. The region of SE Asia is particularly vulnerable to the major climactic shifts, loss of vital natural resources, climate refugees, and cultural degradation, all inherent results of our dominant global economic system. Transforming our underlying worldviews and values are paramount in the shift from systemic greed and competition, to systems of participation that promote common good, and recognise our interdependence with the natural world.


We aspire to learning that can cultivate the leader within each of us, to lead by example, and inspire others. Selected emerging changemakers will be enabled to step forward bravely and compassionately to create regenerative models and relationships in their families, communities and societies, to inspire transformative change at all levels. They will look beyond the same mindsets and systems that have created the multiple crises we are facing now on our planet and 'BE the change they want to see'.


We need to support youth in their commitments to step into leadership for a regenerative future. ALT hopes to support emerging changemakers from around SE Asia to discover and reflect, heal and reconnect, and inspire change, through an education of the 'heart'. Fundamental to this will be a shift in values, deep compassion, and awakened awareness of the challenges we face, fostering a deep commitment to working towards a sustainable and regenerative world that supports and values all life.

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