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Thien, Vietnam

It has been 2 months since I came back from ALT, Thailand. Still, ALT has huge impacts on my life and my work, the memories these days are still alive vividly in me just as it has just been yesterday. I asked myself, what do I think about when I think of ALT? Clearly, “Transformation” comes up in my mind. I have seen myself transform a lot since I attended ALT. Five modules of personal inquiry, trauma healing and conflict transformation has turned me from a head person into a heart one with more empathy, deep listening and connection more than ever with myself and others. Not only transformative experience to me personally, but also ALT’s holistic alternative education benefits me, gives me more ideas for my current work on alternative education in Vietnam.


At ALT, I was taught most of the time through demonstration, practicing and immersing into an environment of healing, loving kindness and sharing. It is not enough to describe ALT as a training program, it is a way of life, a family and where life-long friendship blossoms. After ALT, I could see myself having more freedom inside, I understand more about myself, who I am, what shaped me, as well as understand how people behave, react so I can give more empathy and connection with them. I surround myself with love energy, give more hugs and care more about peoples’ emotions and vulnerability. I could easily apply what I have learnt from ALT into my real life as well as in my organization, where we develop a culture with what I have learnt. I am still in a self-healing process, opening up myself every day to see the unknown parts inside me. I share this knowledge with my friends and many people now come to me, and I started practicing listening, healing and sharing with who are in suffering. I and my friends are still learning about healing, process work, expressive arts therapy and non-violent communication to transform ourselves, apply and spread these works out in Vietnam.

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It is hard to say how grateful I am to get these transformative opportunities. I would like to express my deep thankfulness to ALT team, staff, facilitators and SEM Scholarship to make this chance to me. With this gratitude and spirit of ALT inside, I always maximize the impact and pay-it-forward in many ways.

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