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Ei Ei Khine, Myanmar

After coming back from joining part of the ALT training, I realize that I have become more aware of myself and able to feel the flow of my daily life more than usual.  Now I am able to be a friend with my suffering, and I know how to accept what I have and be who I am. I learnt about paradigm shift, paths of transformation, to be a farmer and the story of seed. I enhanced my curiosity to explore the true meaning of life. I know how to connect to the energy of people and nature around me. For me it is just giving attention and recognising their goodness. Through that, I believe that I can be one with them.


I have been working in my school in Myanmar as a trainer with another friend who joined ALT, sharing back what we learned from ALT program. Especially we share about paradigm shift, mindfulness education, trauma healing, non-violent communication, and self-discovery through art. We divided the training into modules which we are teaching over three months.

I feel very satisfied with this work.  I see myself – where I am and what I do, and I can feel balance and grounding in my process.  I have more confidence in sharing. The participants have become more interested about paradigm shift. When we share about trauma healing and non-violent communication briefly, it seems that they can touch a new field of education and they enjoy learning these paths of transformation.

I deeply feel grateful to have had the learning experience I got.  Now I know how to give loving kindness to myself, others and nature around me. I love being a lifelong learner, it means I will be keeping on my learning journey, and sharing to others throughout my life.

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