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Mehwish, Pakistan

10 things I loved about Training of Trainers on Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment + Global Goals for Sustainable Development – SDG’s and Edge Work, by Gaia Education & Awakening Leadership Training Program at Bornok, Thailand:

Mehwish 1.jpg

1. The people: facilitators, staff, volunteers, participants, resort staff
2. The circle of friends, with whom I laughed and cried
3. Strong connection with nature
4. Ability to learn in a safe environment
5. Beauty of co-creation & diversity
6. Introduction to community living
7. Journey towards becoming a mindful facilitator, for helping people to empower themselves
8. Learning to listen deeply, balance “being” & “doing”, having compassion for others
9. Time for self-reflection, opportunity to know and love myself, and its importance in deepening relationships with others
10. The role of spirituality in our well-being
11. Identifying myself as an edge worker
12. Healthy food
13. The meditations, deep relaxations, games, practice sessions, ….

Yes it is more than 10 things, and the list is never ending!!
I can only say that the course was an unforgettable journey of love, learning and rejuvenation. It proved to be the right step in my search for a meaning in life. As a facilitator, I now look forward to benefit from the “head, heart & hand” synergy to make this world sustainable & regenerative.

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