Applicants can apply for the entire programme/ complete learning journey, one or a few learning areas, or individual workshops.

It is also possible to combine the contents in other ways, this is also possible. Please contact our coordinator for an arrangement.

We hope to run this programme annually to accommodate social change workers some of whom can’t afford a long training, but are able to attend a few workshops each year.







Application deadline for the entire programme is January 15 2021

For individual workshops the deadline is 45 days (1 month and a half) prior to their start date (or later with agreement from the coordinator).


Please refer to the schedule for a comprehensive list o workshops, including dates, costs and special offers. 

In the rare case you cannot access the online application form, please contact our coordinator so we may send you a PDF form instead.  

If needed, we will make an appointment with selected candidates for a Skype interview.

Payments can be made through Paypal and bank transfer. Refer to the application form for details



In order to gain the most from attending the ALT programme, and to ensure the process of group learning is maximised, all applicants need to demonstrate competence in the English language. Students must be able to converse and write fluently in English, equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.5 for reading, writing and listening components.


If you are interested to join in the ALT programme but do not have competency in English that would allow you to fully participate in the course, you can consider applying to join INEB Institute’s School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS). After successful completion of the SENS course, you will meet the standard English requirement to join the programme.

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If you need to cancel your application for attending ALT, your deposit will not be refundable due to administrative costs incurred. You will be able to refund:


100% of course fee, if you cancel AT LEAST 45 DAYS before your start date

75% of course fee, if you cancel 30 DAYS before your start date

25% of course fee, if you cancel LESS THAN 10 DAYS before your start date

No refund available, if you cancel once the course commences

If you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we will consider individually for the refundable amount. We suggest that you arrange holiday insurance in case of cancellation by either yourself or by us.

You can also transfer the amount of your cancelled application (including the deposit) to either another module/s of the same cost (dependent on space available), or transfer to the next year.

If we (Awakening Leadership Training) need to cancel any module or part of the training for any reason, you will be refunded 100% of your application fee.



We also follow Gaia Education’s Safeguarding, Code of Governance, Equal Opportunities and Diversity policies. All potential participants should also read the Open Information Policy.