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Compassionate Communication is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It has been described as a language of compassion and a tool for positive social change. NVC gives us the tools to understand what triggers us, to take responsibility for our reactions, and to deepen connection with ourselves and others. Thus it is a toolkit for transforming our habitual responses to life. 

Ultimately, it involves a radical change in how we think about life and meaning. Nonviolent Communication is based on a fundamental principle: Underlying all human actions are needs that people are seeking to meet. Understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and more harmonious relationships on both a personal and global level. 

This workshop is designed to help cultivate your capacity of compassion and understanding for yourselves and others. You will develop communication skills that enable you to notice other people’s feelings, needs, underlying words and actions as well as your ability to honestly express your feelings and needs peacefully. This can bring about transformation of troubled relationships into healthy and functional connections.

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