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Kimsear, Cambodia

I was so grateful to have an opportunity to join ALT. Thanks to all the staff who had worked so hard to make sure the program was efficiently run and participants could learn the most.

Responding to my personal and professional needs – and after seeking relevant leadership courses for some time -, I was recommended the ALT program. It was a great joy to join ALT and experience in-depth learning, acquiring more than knowledge and skills than expected to apply both in life and at work. ALT was such a wonderful gift of the year; it has changed how I mindfully work in my life in a freer way. 


ALT modules helped me to understand myself much better and to strongly stand for who I am. I was lost and very uncertain; however, after learning from one module to another, I gradually understood who I am, my hidden parts, and learned to accept others, listen to them and face fears and failures in order to grow from them.I learned that I had a lot of fear, which kept pulling me away from what I wanted. I realized, instead, that I should understand my passion and work my best toward it. Overcoming and growing myself for the sake of the society is what I am supposed to focus on above all else.

I used to define a (perfect) life without any problems. After the training, I started to understand more about the facts of life, the simplicity and complexity of it, and how I would want my life to be. Through mindfulness practice, I had observed the improvement of my state of mind and emotions as I became calmer and more mindful in everyday life, especially practicing mindful decision-making in urgent situations. The capability to make a more mindful and quality decision in a short time, really made me feel amazed. By seeing and accepting the fact of life, I learned to let go and simply enjoy life’s moments. 

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I started to learn and understand more about people around me and the stories behind their actions, which opened up my view about the world and how I see it. The power of goodness through what I learnt from ALT, inspired me for new initiatives. 

Joining ALT was like being reborn … experiencing so much learning that greatly contributed to my peaceful life. ALT was the right choice for my personal and professional development. It has been continuously applied in my projects, used to benefit the whole organization through skill-and knowledge-sharing with the management team, staff engagement, school of public health training and social media community.I am so proud to be part of ALT. 

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