Emerging Worldview, Self Discovery and Healing
(Worldview dimension EDE )


Module Slow is Beautiful – Ecological Wisdom from Asian Traditions

A great shift is imperative in this age of crises caused by our own civilization with its race to get faster, bigger, and more. This workshop is an opportunity to define the nature of change that society and we ourselves must go through.  While unlearning the economic mindset, we will relearn a way of life defined by the three “s” words, Slow, Small, Simple, key concepts in traditional Asian wisdom. The great turning may also be characterized as one “ from global to local” from “excess to enough” from “competition to sharing” and “theft to gift”.  This workshop will be an exploration into a new vision of an “economics of wellbeing” as a pursuit towards a local, communal, ecological, healthy, ethical, peaceful, joyful and loving way of life.

Module  Paradigm Shift and Emerging Cultural Values

Participants will be led in an intensive intellectual enquiry into the contemporary global shift of core societal values in human society that is happening now. We will cover topics such as questioning and reassessing European Enlightenment thinking; introduction to Asian thinking, the resurgence of spiritual traditions; the emerging new sciences in the West; holistic and systems thinking; cultural integrity and changes. Participants will become aware of the massive cultural change that is happening now in the midst of the myriad crises we are facing as a human race.

Module Mindfulness, Inner-growth and Leadership

Mindfulness is an indispensible tool for any inner growth approach without which any lofty ideal will not be sustainable. This 7-day practical learning will make this timeless art a living reality in our daily life. We will study, observe, explore and practice the 7 factors for Awakening and the 4 Foundations for Mindfulness. This is not an abstract calculation. Rather it is the practice of not taking anything personally and taking full responsibility for our impact on society and the planet at the same time.

Participants will learn to master skillful means of: grounding in the body; embracing our feelings & emotions; dis-identifying with thoughts and memories; loving kindness meditation; meditation on death and dying. These will help us be less self-centred, more unconditionally confident and content.

Module –  Path of Inner Healing and Transformation

This module will provide new perspectives on the cooperation between neuroscience and Dhamma with new understanding of Dukkha (suffering) as a traumatic frozen state.   The teaching will allow the possibility of opening up new horizons and pathways toward healing and transformation.   The focal point of all is the Original Mind or the seat of consciousness that will bring forth light of understanding and compassion. Integrating neuroscience, psychology of selves and cultivating of mindfulness into our biographies will bring about inner transformation into our daily lives.

Module – Art and Self Discovery

This module provides participants with the opportunity to engage in a deeper and more intensive exploration of thoughts and feelings of self in relation to art & music and movement using the therapeutic process. Participants will be invited to engage in a range of art making processes, explore the relationship between voice and body, some fun exercises to get to know our own voices, develop listening skills, connect rhythm and begin improvising and making music together in a safe and playful environment.

Insight derived from the workshop aims to heighten participants’ understanding and sensitivity to non-verbal communication. You will be encouraged to express yourself in a non-judgmental space, develop self-care and compassion for yourself and others, cultivate spaciousness, ease and embodiment, and recognise your vision and value. You will also gain new tools and techniques for health and enhancing well being in your daily life.

In addition we will discover how to enhance your sense of self and make the most of your personal potential and help you recognise and develop the confidence and your inner strength to share the wisdom that comes from your own life journey.