People in transition in their lives and/or in various leadership roles who want to train oneself to awaken and serve others. You may:

  • Work or lead an NGO and a need a break for reflection on the nature of life and society so that you can return to work rejuvenated.
  • Work in non-profit organisations and other social change organisations and feel the need for more self-cultivation and deep reflection on social issues.
  • Work for social change and want to gain more unconditional trust in the universe, reduce self-centeredness and freely dance with life.
  • Want to become a mindful facilitator, helping people to empower themselves
  • Want to positively change society and yourself simultaneously for personal growth and a more sustainable, socially just future.
  • Questioning current path in life
  • Be searching for meaning in life

If you are seriously committed to core values of compassion, non-violence, and social justice, this program can enhance you with knowledge, skills and cultivation of the heart.