28th October -2nd November 2018 (6 days) in Bangkok

(Max and Ellen Schupbach – Deep Democracy Institute)

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Costs: $400USD non-residential


Module Description:

Deep Democracy is a natural process that occurs in all community -building processes, but often goes unnoticed or un-used. Just as conventional democracy strives to include all individuals involved in the political process, Deep Democracy goes a step further in the effort towards fostering a deeper level of dialogue and inclusiveness that makes space for all people (with the individual right to vote) as well as all various and competing views, tensions, feelings, and styles of communication – in a way that supports awareness of relative rank, power, and privilege, and the potential of these forces to marginalize other views, individuals, and groups.

Deep Democracy, developed by Arnold Mindell, is a whole-system, holographic paradigm that links individual development, team development, and world changes in one cohesive theory. It unifies elements of indigenous cosmologies, modern physics, and complexity theory, as well as cutting-edge psychological research and perennial wisdoms from world religions. The framework can be used to work on personal and professional development, team development, community and organizational development, as well as universal world changes. Depending on your context, it naturally shows the interdependence / connection between these processes at any given moment.

Deep Democracy assumes that your personal “life myth” process, our term for a deeper essential direction in your life, is intricately linked to the organizing principle behind world changes, and that the experiences we have in organizations, teams, relationships, and in our inner lives are symmetrical, local expressions of larger universal processes.

Process Work, another term for Deep Democracy, has a vast array of tools that assist in bringing these hidden structures to the forefront, allowing creative, often surprising solutions to spring out of complications.

In this six-day workshop, we will give an overview of the theoretical approach, and demonstrate skills that you can use for your own development, work, coaching with individuals, and facilitating groups and communities in diverse settings. It can also serve as an introduction or unit of our two year training program in Thailand.


Learning Themes

Day 1–Large Group Facilitation, Leadership and Eldership

We will demonstrate and experience through practice how communities are organized by a background “dreaming process” which can be brought into the foreground so that groups and communities can use it to deepen their visions, resolve conflicts, become more vibrant, and develop deeper relationships. 

Day 2 – Dropping your Personal History; Your Opponent as an Ally:The turbulences, currents and rapids in your life’s stream are not only obstacles, but also vortexes of energy, carrying the wisdom of the river’s way. Learn the exact awareness tools that allow you to discover the natural joy and power of these allies that lead you beyond your personal history.

Days 3 – Deep Democracy and Relationships: Discover the dreaming process behind all your relationship processes, and learn to use it to make relationships richer and more meaningful and to achieve more unity. Learn to use it to coach, mediate, and facilitate individual relationships and small systems. Foster your awareness of rank and privilege in relationships, and how this awareness can enrich and harmonize them.

Day 4 Health and Our Bodies: Learn how body experiences, personal-development experiences (mind/body), and community life including world conflicts mirror each other, and how applying deep democracy methods with your symptoms and health addresses all of these three levels. 

Day 5 – Process Oriented Meditation: ProcessWork, with deep democracy as its philosophical principle, understands human lives as entangled with the universe. Process oriented meditation connects space-time dreaming, earth based psychology, and modern physics with perennial wisdoms found in a diversity of spiritual traditions. Learn how the universe solves personal and world problems, supports conflict resolution, and brings new insights to our ecological problems.

Day 6– Lifemyth and Eldership: Discover your individual, essential dreaming pattern or core gift that finds expressions through you in diverse forms. This skill can be used to work on personal – and professional – growth, and as a universal approach to coaching individuals. It is a key to understanding your inner conflicts and finding your deeper congruent strength. Map your path on this journey to develop eldership and understand the meaning of your own and everyone’s contributions to a deeper process of evolution.



The morning sessions will present mini lectures, pair or inner work exercises, demonstrations, and small group discussions. The afternoon sessions will include a daily large group process.

You will create learning triads to support and anchor your insights, and to practice your learning in small group facilitation exercises.


Max Schupbach Ph.D is a founding member of many Process Work groups and co-author of several of its training programs. He coaches individual, public, and organizational leaders and leadership teams, including politicians, industry leaders, and NGO directors, and was recently elected keynote speaker for an international conference on the topic of business, science and ethics, together with prominent leaders for alternative business models. Max was born in the Swiss mountains, and now lives in Oregon, USA. He loves the diversity of people and lifestyles in the USA, and believes that life is a mad, mystical, adventurous journey into unknown worlds, both inside and out.

Ellen Schupbach Ph.D completed her Process Work Certification and is enjoying the challenge of actualizing her life-long dream of being a therapist and facilitator, the on-going discovery of what it means to be a person, and how best to serve the emerging spirit in people and groups within one’s human form. Ellen wrote her Ph.D. on the spiritual experiences of the therapist and facilitator. Her interests include sacred clowning as a way into the dream world, and music and song-writing for inner work and fun.


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Hand-outs/ Powerpoints During Module:

Impact Through Awareness: Democracy, Leadership, Large Group Facilitation and Coaching – Max and Ellen Schupbach