MODULE 3 – Paradigm Shift and Emerging Cultural Values


17th-21st September 2018 (5 days) at Wongsanit Ashram

(Pracha Hutanuwatra)


Module Description:

Participants will be led in an intensive intellectual inquiry into the contemporary global shift of core societal values in human society that is happening now. We will cover topics such as questioning and reassessing European Enlightenment thinking; introduction to Asian thinking, the resurgence of spiritual traditions; the emerging new sciences in the West; holistic and systems thinking; cultural integrity and changes. Participants will become aware of the massive cultural change that is happening now in the midst of the myriad crises we are facing as a human race.


Learning Goal

            To develop an intensive intellectual enquiry into the contemporary global shift of core societal values in human society that is happening now


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. become aware of the global crises we are facing as a human race
  2. be able to question and reassess European Enlightenment thinking
  3. appreciate Asian thinking, the resurgence of spiritual traditions, the emerging new sciences in the West, holistic and systems thinking, cultural integrity and changes


Learning Themes (schedule example from 2017)

Date Content
DAY 1 Theme: Art and Social Change

Theme: Experiencing Old Paradigm

Shopping Mall and Red Light area

DAY 2 and 3 Theme: Framing knowledge on Worldviews

Theme: Exploration of New Paradigm examples in Contemporary World

-Discussion and Home Visit with Ajarn Sulak

– Visit and Homestay at Nong Sarai

DAY 4 The Current Global Crisis

-Ecological Imbalance

– Social Injustice

– Community Breakdown

– Meaninglessness of Life

– War and Terrorism

Root Causes of Crisis

Culture and Lifestyle

– Political Ideologies

– Economic Structure

– Technology

– Worldview and Old Paradigm

DAY 5 Theme: Historical Background of Old Paradigm (Enlightenment)

Theme: Examples of New Paradigm Thinking

–                                 Food and Health

–                                 New Science


Recommended Readings and Websites:



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Hand-outs/ Powerpoints During Module:

Edge Effect – Permaculture Principles

Paradigm Shift – Powerpoint, Pracha Hutanuwatra

Personal and Planetary Health – Powerpoint, Pracha Hutanuwatra