Module 25 – Applied Drama for Facilitation

Module 25 – Applied Drama for Facilitation

Bor Nok Beach (Heaven Hong & team )

16th-20th February 2019 (5 days)


Applied Drama is the use of drama practice in an educational, community or therapeutic context. Participants in an applied drama are generally not skilled as actors, but are brought together by common concerns. It is a collaborative process of investigation, research, trial and error, negotiation and dialogue. You will be trained to be able to use theatre and drama strategies and techniques to facilitate and serve the needs of diverse communities and audience you are working with.


AU Yi-man is an applied theatre/drama education practitioner, trainer and researcher. She received her PhD from University of Melbourne and Master Degree in Applied Drama from University of Exeter. She has been involved in more than a hundred projects on applied theatre/drama education both in educational and community settings. Working with various participants at different age as well as different backgrounds like school teachers, NGO workers, factory workers, people with mentally challenges, medical staff and young offenders. She is Advisor of Art Education Committee of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Specialist Advisor of Drama Education Research Centre and Honorary Advisor of the Applied Drama and Expressive Arts Education Center at Beijing Normal University. She is Executive Director of Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum.

Tu Hong (Heaven) is an experienced facilitator and trainer in participatory learning and decision making. She focuses on facilitator training and writing on mindfulness, self awareness, participatory methodologies and collective leadership. She is also building up a facilitator network to connect and understand structures better and act more holistically.