Module 24 – Community Organising & Exposure Visit


31st January -12th February 2019 (13 days) in S Thailand

(Khao Lak, Phuket, Ko Yao Noi)


Module Description:

Most social change initiatives without serious people’s participation do not last. Community organizing for empowerment is a fine art with people participation as a core value.  Although it takes time and the process is complicated, it warrants serious attention from community change leaders as the outcome is more likely to sustain.  Participants will visit some success stories of communities that have gone through this process and learn about how they moved from community organising around single issues, to a social movement for structural change. We will review how they have arrived at the present point, linking the practices and theories behind them and pondering their possibilities for success and failure in the future.


Learning Goal

         To empower participants from diverse successful stories of grassroot people and inspire them to participate in community organising work in their own areas


Learning Outcomes

         Participants will:

  1. understand the conceptual framework, methodology and principles of community organising work and values of people participation and organisation
  2. be exposed to the skills involved with community organizing in the world of capitalisation
  3. have ability to analyse the community issues and structural violence


Learning Themes (in 2017 Training)

D/M/Y 9.00-12.00 pm. 13.00-16.00 pm.
14 Dec 2017 -Welcome session

-Get to know each other

– Social Biography


–                Social Analysis

–                Game / Movies

15 Dec 2017 People Movement in the Past

(slide / movies)

Community Organizing Concept and principle

-Background & history of CO

– What is CO & Why CO?

-CO approaches


16 Dec 2017 CO and Homeless people

Field visit to Homeless Center

Under The Bridge Movement

Recycle Issue


17 Dec 2017 Exchange Programme with

Bangping Community

Exchange Programme with

Tian Talay Pattana Community


18 Dec 2017 Exchange ProGramme with

4 Region Slums Network


Field visit to Chinatown Old City


19 Dec 2017 -Railway Movement

in Talingchan district


Environment Issue



20 Dec 2017 Resource Person

(Boonlert Wisatpreecha)

Wrap up


Close Training


Recommended readings and websites:



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Movies and Documentaries:

 Abhayuth Chantrabha. Urban Poor Movement in Indonesia. Retrieved From:

 Director, Smith, Miranda, 1989. Chico Mendes: Voice of the Amazon. USA: Miranda Productions Inc.


Hand-outs/ Powerpoints During Module:

PPT Community Organising