MODULE 18 – Eco-crises – Climate Change

Module 18 –  Eco-crises – Climate Change

24th-28st December 2018 (5 days) in N Thailand


Module Description:

Arguably the most urgent issue that humanity and our shared home on Planet Earth face today is climate change and its intersections with a myriad of eco-crises, including biodiversity loss, species extinction, extreme weather etc,. This workshop will provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of climate change and related eco-crises from scientific and socio-political-economy perspectives. We will explore how human behaviors have both contributed to these crises, and also result in facing its impacts through the environmental repercussions of a warming planet. From this foundation, participants will be given tools and perspectives to investigate and identify causes and conditions through the lens of ecological interconnectedness, to clarify where we are in this crisis, and how we live in harmony with nature. Participants will together explore how we can participate and pioneer solutions based on models for sustainability and regeneration, and practice simple living, with creativity, freedom and commitment.


Learning Goal: The journey to find an eco-friendly place in the world with participatory approaches


Learning Outcomes: A redesigned individual way of life and new habits for the community for ecological regeneration and sustainability


Learning Themes:

DAY 1 An inconvenient truth: facts of the existence of environmental crises

DAY 2 Ecological crises: identifying causes and conditions

DAY 3 Ecosystem interconnectedness: regeneration and sustainability

DAY 4 & 5 Harmony with nature: an individual way of life and habits for the community


Recommended readings and websites:

Suzuki, D. and Vanderlinden, K., 2012. You Are the Earth: Know Your World So You Can Help Make It Better. Greystone Books.



INEB Inter-religious Dialogue on Climate Change: