(Pracha Hutanuwatr and ALT Team)

In a world facing multiple challenges and threats at social, environmental, and spiritual levels, it is more important than ever to act and create change both from within as well as around us. Acknowledging that inner and outer work are connected, this module proposes a holistic approach to activism which simultaneously encompasses both self-transformation and social transformation.

During the 5 days we will we will learn how to not insulate ourselves from the pain of the world but rather understand and embrace it in order to become the medicine that heals the world, and to help us maintain coherent, healthy and sustainable activist mindsets in line with our vision. At the same time we will explore practical tools like planning a campaign, using power mapping, organising non-violent direct action, and making use of social media.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the module participants will strengthen their capacity to be inspired and mindful agents of change at local  and global levels.

Learning Themes

This module will combine 3 main approaches:

1) The heart: Experiencing a holistic and mindful approach of outer and inner change

> Daily mindfulness practice

> Sessions around relationships between the inner and outer change

> Tools and practice around being a happy and long lasting agent of change

> Practice of Non Violent Communication and Action

2) The head: Developing strategic and creative thinking

>Stakeholder and problem analysis

>Develop creativity through peer exchange, new tools and brainstorms methods

>Learning how to build a campaign plan applying strategic thinking

>Project management basics practice

3) The hand: Get familiar and practice different campaign tactics

> Lobbying both corporate and Government

> Media and Social Media

> Art and Communication

> Non Violent Direct Action

It will be based on the participant’s diverse backgrounds, experience and interests as well as on external interventions from experienced activists.

Recommended readings and websites:

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