Module 15 –  Local Solutions: Alternatives in Practice

26th November-7th December 2018 (12 days) in Eastern and Northeast Thailand

In the last few decades in many industrialising societies, real examples of sustainable local community initiatives have been nurtured to challenge the globalised mainstreaming of unsustainable development. Some of these are vibrant and flourishing, others are floundering. Academics have been exploring this field, to identify causes and conditions that contribute to the success of best practices, and cause of failures. This module will take participants to visit initiatives of good practice firsthand as well as meeting and discussing with researchers who are acquainted with these cases. The module will give participants both inspiration and critical understanding of practical sustainable community reconstruction.

Proposed Schedule

Date Content Venue Remarks
26/11/18 AM :  Overview of Sustainable Initiatives in Thailand over the last 4 decades


Pracha Hutanuwatr

Petra Carman
PM:    Travel to Surin province by Train

27 Nov AM : Overview of Sustainable Local Economy 

Speaker: Waraporn Luangmanee

Waraporn has been working to empower local people for several years and has done the research on “Local Economy Regeneration”. She will talk about her experience and how to rebuild the economy by supporting local producers to form groups and helping them to see where they are in the world.

PM:  Visit Surin Rice Fund

Participants will learn about the rice fund management and product inspection. This rice fund has now improved the quality of their rice products to international standards.

PM: Visit Trasaeng Sub-district Cooperative Credit Union and meet with with Anong Sanusun

Anong is one of the founders and advisors of the Trasaeng Cooperative. She will share the experience of a woman in community development and how local people established their own financial institute rather than relying on the commercial banks. They also have been successful in terms of making young people feel proud of their heritage and coming back to work in the community. Furthermore, participants will see the role of women in local organisations.

Visit Silk Textile shop

Participants will have a chance to visit the Silk Textile shop and to learn how they raised up the local product standards to international levels.

Stay over the night in Surin

28 NOV AM:  Leave for Srisaket province

Visit the learning center of the Self-Sufficient Economy led by the Tammoon Network

The centre has been built up by collaboration among several groups and organisations. Participants will be learn the experience of the Assembly of the Poor, who have been fighting for their rights more than 20 years and have set up many initiatives such as Saving Groups, Sustainable Agriculture, handicraft making, forest preservation, etc.

Stay over the night at Tammoon Network

29 NOV AM:  Breakfast at Rasi Salai Dam

Travel to Sisa Asoke

Visit Sisa Asoke Community

Speaker: Kwandin Singkham

Local Education /

Buddhist Commune Economy

Sisa Asoke is a Buddhist community built upon Buddhist principles. Members follow at least five Buddhist precepts and are all vegetarian. They’ve combined the temple, community and school in the same area. They live a simple life and try to be sustainable and have their own school curriculum. They apply the Buddhist Economics (meritism) to fight against capitalism, consumerism and greed.

Stay over the night at Sisa Asoke Community

30 NOV AM:  Travel to Kalasin

Meet with Bamrung Yokatha

Participants will learn from Bamrung as he has been working with communities for more than 10 years. Starting as a local NGO actor, he has now become a local politician and plays a role in various activities such as water management, organic farming and waste management

Evening: Travel to Sakonnakon province

Stay Over at Inpaeng community

Kalasin (Kalasin-Sakon = 2 hrs.)
1 DEC AM:   Visit Inpaeng Community Centre in Sakhon Nakhon province

Inpaeng is a community network that promotes sufficient economy, ecological preservation, organic farming, local wisdom, self-care and herbal medicine. Participants will learn how the centre manages the Inpaeng Network through the collaboration of almost 1,000 villages over the north eastern part of Thailand, and how they involve young people in the community projects.

Sakhon Nakhon
2 DEC Inpaeng Community

Stay over the night in Inpaeng

3 DEC AM:    Travel to Chaingmai

PM:    Visit Lanna Wisdom School

Meet with Chatchawan Thongdeelert

Chatchawan will share how they formed the school to teach local wisdom and knowledge such as traditional music, craft, traditional dancing, drawing, etc.

See Local Music Performance and stay at an eco-friendly resort

4 DEC AM:    Travel to Maetha Community

PM:     Meet with the local leaders and the youth leaders at Mae Tha community

Mae Tha village is a success story of redesigning a traditional village into ecovillage. The revitalization process brings young people back to rural village life with pride.

We will be having an in-depth learning exchange with the community of Mae Tha, which has become a model for community forestry and sustainable livelihoods.  We will learn from Mae Tha’s young generation, returning back from the city life, and who are actively involved in the organic movement, community-based social enterprises, and maintaining connection to the land of their ancestors.

Homestay in Mae Tha

Chiang Mai District

(2 hrs from city)

5 DEC Maetha Self-reliant community
6 DEC AM: Visit Pun Pun

(Meet with Jon Jandai)

Pun Pun is an intentional community, built on the wisdom of slow and simple life. We will talk with its founder, Jon Jandai who is an inspirational leader in the sustainable living movement in Thailand. We will visit and see practical examples around their community, of green technologies to reduce energy use and environmental impacts, which are also low cost, and simple to construct.

Evening: Module Wrap Up

Chiang Mai District

(1 hr from city)

7 DEC  

AM:Wrap-Up of Eco-Political Dimension

PM: Travel to Chiang Mai city


Chiang Mai District

(2 hrs from city)