The Coach + Facilitator as a Spiritual Practitioner

4th-5th November 2018 (2 days) in Bangkok

(Ellen Schupbach with Pracha Hutanuwatra and Max Schupbach)

A collaborative lab led by the Deep Democracy Institute

Cost: $160 non-residential

You can apply direct for this individual module through this google form




Module Description:

Ellen Schupbach completed her PhD thesis on Buddhism and Process work. Many participants in Southeast Asia and beyond are interested in practicing Buddhism , as well as the psychological work of Dr. Arnold Mindell which explores a process-oriented view to work with flow and change in ourselves and our communities. This two day lab will explore similarities and differences of both approaches for the flourishing of individual and community growth and well-being.


We invite you to join us for this 2 day lab on Buddhism and Process Work experiences in our daily lives and as coaches, facilitators and leaders

My great gratitude to Pracha Hutanuwatr for encouraging me to create this two day seminar based on my doctoral thesis (2004) on the spiritual experience of the facilitator/therapist, in which I used the Buddhist concepts of Knowledge, Compassion, and Wisdom to understand and frame spiritual experiences that facilitators and coaches might experience while working.

In my thesis, I explore my assumption that an awareness based spiritual tradition such as Buddhism might assist coaches and facilitators from a diversity of cultures to understand – and therefore work better – with their spiritual experiences. It is a special privilege and opportunity for me to offer this seminar together with my friends, colleagues and teachers, Pracha and Max within the Buddhist culture of Thailand where since my first arrival, I have been touched by what I experience as a deep sense of religiosity. I am very excited to deepen my own learning of these aspects with you – my most essential interest since I can remember.


The Lab

After a preliminary introduction of my own research on this topic, I hope to work together with you on how Buddhism can deepen us as process-oriented facilitators and practitioners, and hear of your experiences of using process work as Buddhist practitioners.  Together, we will discover topics of mutual interest, for example:

  • Identity and spiritual growth,
  • attitudes to assist with opening up to new directions
  • methods to discover and potentially drop inhibiting personal history stories and limited perceptions.

Pracha and I will then each introduce inner work methods to assist in identity shifts and present practical exercises in pairs.

Max and I will facilitate a group process to work with social and community aspects of these topic, possibly including colonialism and appropriation issues.

Additionally, there will be a panel discussion from the viewpoints of different practitioners.



Ellen Schupbach Ph.D completed her Process Work Certification and is enjoying the challenge of actualizing her life-long dream of being a therapist and facilitator, the on-going discovery of what it means to be a person, and how best to serve the emerging spirit in people and groups within one’s human form. Ellen wrote her Ph.D. on the spiritual experiences of the therapist and facilitator. Her interests include sacred clowning as a way into the dream world, and music and song-writing for inner work and fun.