sustainability education
sustainability education


By the end of this course, you are expected to become a dynamic leader for change in the 21st century, ready to be:

invisible like air and visible like a mountain

heavy like a rock and light like cotton

cool like water and hot like fire

You will be less self-centred, more confident yet humble, more trustful and more careful, committed to working for our fragile world while knowing how to take good care of yourself.

At the end of the program we expect our participants to be trained as follows:



  • Reduced self-centeredness, gain unconditional confidence, and have the ability to overcome inner challenges through self-healing
  • More courageous, gentle and able to dance with the rhythms of the universe
  • Ability to walk the talk and walk in the corridors of power and wealth without being corrupted
  • Increased aptitude to focus and be in the present moment in difficult situations
  • Increased wisdom, compassion and deep caring for the victims of social injustice and environmental destruction
  • Strong motivation to work for change, including the root causes of injustice and ecological crisis


  • Ability to critically comprehend the present global political economy and articulate alternative regenerative structures
  • Ability to identify causes and conditions for the present ecological crisis and ways of moving toward a more sustainable and resilient future
  • Knowledge to differentiate and discern the pros and cons of important social movements of the past and present
  • Ability to apply diverse frameworks of analysis


  • Ability to use participatory approaches to facilitate meetings, discussions, organize communities and build networks to create social movements
  • Skills to manage community-based projects and organisations to build social movements
  • Practical experience of sustainable community-led initiatives
  • Regular mindfulness practice in daily life working with one’s own emotions and relationships
  • Skills to prevent unnecessary conflicts with nonviolent communication and empathy as well as gaining the ability to facilitate conflict transformation and resolution when needed.


sustainability education