Our educational approach is as important as the contents of the course, where learning, playing, working and meditating together in a community of practice, merges to foster compassion, intellectual understanding and social commitment  Three pillars support the approach:


Meditation, mindfulness practice and time in silence are integrated in to the learning experience as a foundational aspect of self-cultivation. By knowing ourselves deeply with acceptance, we can bring a compassionate perspective to how we engage with the world around us. Right mindfulness is the most important key factor for awakening.


Students participate actively in the learning process and, together with other participants, contribute to the creation of the body of knowledge within a trusted community of learning, facilitated by skillful teachers. This includes the sharing of authority and responsibility among the learning community created during this course, and where power sharing and collaboration contribute to empowerment at individual and collective levels.



Participants learn to look at issues from various perspectives and develop critical and systematic thinking skills. Rigorous analytical thinking and reflecting both individually and collectively  on issues and  experiences is a key part of the learning process. We emphasize  learning how to unlearn and relearn as it is a critical component of moving towards a new paradigm.