Parts of this program are certified through SEM College & Gaia Education (UK). You will be eligible to receive an Awakening Leadership Training (Advanced Ecovillage Design Education) certification, and Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment (Gaia Education Training of Trainers) certification. These certifications can also contribute towards a Master of Arts in Holistic Sustainability (through Bodhisastra University), and contribute to the pathway to become a certified Gaia Education trainer.


  • SEM College ALT Certification

Participation in the course will lead to ALT certification from SEM College, and it can also contribute towards a certified ALT Masters degree (at pilot stage in 2019); Completion of the TOT will also provide Mindful Facilitation of Empowerment certification.


  •  Gaia Education Certification

In partnership with Gaia Education, participants will be eligible to receive an Advanced Ecovillage Design Education certification, and Gaia Education Training of Trainer (TOT) certification that includes Gaia Education SDG Training of Multipliers certification. These certifications can also contribute to becoming a certified Gaia Education trainer. The Advanced EDE certification is in recognition of the 6 month timeframe for embodying the learning (beyond the usual 4-week Gaia Education EDE face to face model), and deepening and broadening of the learning processes and content.


An official contribution to the United Nations SDG’s


  • Criteria for ALT/Advanced EDE Certification
  1. Completion of at least (75%) of 4 Dimensions of Sustainability (Social, Worldview, Eco-political Economy, Ecological)
  2. Completion of an additional dimension (5th Dimension) of Skillful Means for Social Transformation

*Note completion of modules & dimensions for certification can take place over more than one year.


  • Criteria for Gaia Education ToT Certification

Fully complete module (5-18 January, 2020) on Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment, SDGs and Edgework.

  • Who is Gaia Education?

Gaia Education is an international NGO is a leading provider of Education for Sustainable Development providing students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with knowledge and skills to design a thriving society.

Students learn how to use energy and resources with greater efficiency, distribute wealth equitably, and make quality of life the focus of future thinking. Gaia Education learners become changemakers, capable of playing active roles in transitioning their communities to sustainable and regenerative practices, lifestyles and infrastructures.