This module provides participants with the opportunity to engage in a deeper and more intensive exploration of thoughts and feelings of self in relation to art & music and movement using the therapeutic process.

Participants will be invited to engage in a range of art making processes, explore the relationship between voice and body, some fun exercises to get to know our own voices, develop listening skills, connect rhythm and begin improvising and making music together in a safe and playful environment. Insight derived from the workshop aims to heighten participants’ understanding and sensitivity to non-verbal communication.

You will be encouraged to express yourself in a non-judgmental space, develop self-care and compassion for yourself and others, cultivate spaciousness, ease and embodiment, and recognise your vision and value. You will also gain new tools and techniques for health and enhancing well being in your daily life. In addition we will discover how to enhance your sense of self and make the most of your personal potential and help you recognise and develop the confidence and your inner strength to share the wisdom that comes from your own life journey.