Awakening Leadership Training Program (ALT) & Buddhist Leadership Training Program (BLT)

Towards A New Paradigm of Holistic Sustainability



An Overview

This website is about leadership training programs co-created by International Network of Engaged Buddhism and Ecovillage Transition Asia.

Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa at 84 years old has a dream to create an alternative contemplative higher education institute.  He asked Pracha Hutanuwatra who shares the same dream to make it happen. These programs are for people committing themselves to work for social reconstruction at all levels. With decades of experience working with different local, national and International NGOs and civil society groups in Asia,   Jane Rasbash,  Pracha Hutanuwatra, Jessica Armour and Walra Peepathum the team working for these programs feel a deep connection with people who devote their lives to make a better society regardless of conventional ideological background. The programs are designed to enhance life quality and capacity of these people spiritually, intellectually and practically.

From our experiences of nearly 50 years, without spiritual cultivation lots of activists are burned out, disillusioned, despairing or even getting sick after decades of working for change. This is why the programs have a strong element of spiritual nourishment and self-cultivation.

We have designed two main residential programs, Awakening Leadership Training and Buddhist Leadership Training.

The Awakening Leadership Training Program emphasizes more on general spiritual practice for inner growth and self-knowledge and the Buddhist Leadership Training Program has a Buddhist approach in spiritual cultivation and engaged spirituality.

Contemporary society has been changing rapidly and is becoming more and more complicated.  People who aspire to heal the damage and make a just and sustainable society need to be updated and see clearer the complex structural violence that harms the life of the people and life of our planet earth.

At the same time there are many alternative good practices around the world trying to find solutions for the multiple crisis we are facing in the North, East, West and South.  It is good for people who are working for social change to be updated of these initiatives.  This is why we have created these two Leadership Training programs.

“Education needs to be re-envisioned to include the cultivation of wisdom, as well as learning to live in society and overcoming oppression and exploitation. For education to be more effective, it has to be dialogical, inclusive, and compassionate, and needs to heal the rift between body and mind… Buddhist education begins with humanity’s ultimate questions: What is the meaning of life? What is our own deepest nature? What is our responsibility to others? Buddhism does not separate life from education.”

— Sulak Sivaraksa ‘The Wisdom of Sustainability’

Founder, ALT Program 



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